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Chrome for Mac out of beta


Google has taken the "beta" adjective off of the Chrome for Mac browser, signifying that it's ready for primetime. The beta was originally released last December. Google Mac says it's ready for a stable release, and that the browser "provides not only the stability, performance, and polish that every Mac user expects, but also a seamless native Mac application experience that Mac users will feel instantly at home with."

Additionally, the new release allows for full-screen mode (by hitting Command + Shift + F) and will synchronize bookmarks across computers (something I currently have to rely on Xmarks for in Firefox). And since it's Chrome, the update also adds speed bonuses and brings the HTML5 magic, including drag and drop file transfers for those sites that support the feature.

Google also notes that support for a baked-in version of Flash Player will be present in future releases of the browser. It's a little buggy right now (heh), but they're aiming to have it ready and out by Flash 10.1. You can still install and use the current version of Flash, if you want to.

[via TechCrunch]

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