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TERA's David Noonan talks lore, geography

Jef Reahard

TERA is rapidly becoming synonymous with lore in MMORPG circles, as En Masse Entertainment has gone to great lengths to talk about the game's back story as well as highlighting some of the individuals creating it. Lead writer David Noonan was recently interviewed over at The Examiner, and spoke at length about what makes a unique MMO, artistic inspiration, and literal versus figurative takes on the lore.

"The characters in the world regard the world-creation story as a literal truth -- even if it happened long before they were born. And I think that's important to the feel of the world. We want TERA to be a place where gods and magic have a very real, authentic presence," Noonan says.

You can check out the full interview over at The Examiner, and don't forget to peruse the nifty new screenshots accompanying the article.

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