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Breakfast Topic: Stockades, the anomaly

Matthew Rossi

I've been leveling a couple of alts, one just below level 20 and one just above, and while I'm fond of the dungeon finder as a tool for grouping, I don't know how else to say this: Stockades feels like a huge waste of time.

Stockades, or Stormwind Stockade as it is often known, has one huge glaring downside for Horde players. If you're Alliance, you can almost ignore the complete and total lack of boss drops (unless you get lucky and a rare spawn pops up) because you can clean out a ton of quests in here for a huge XP boost. But as a Horde player, all of these quests are completely inaccessible, giving you the experience of running a dungeon with no lore rationale at all and which rewards you with nothing but XP and greens. Now, XP and greens are fine for trash, but I've been in several Stockades groups now where I had to inform the group that we were, in fact, fighting a boss.

Psychologically speaking, the utter lack of loot off of bosses feels bad. It feels weird and empty to run the place and get nothing. Now, I get that it's a prison, and for the most part it wouldn't make a lot of sense for them to have a lot of great stuff, but I'm already teleporting into the place on an orc to kill Defias who have no real ax to grind with the Horde anyway. We've seen several dungeons revamped or modified in the past ... I think the dungeon finder necessitates a revamp for Stockades as well.

I could be overreacting to the 10 sequential runs of the place, though. So what do you think? Leave the Stockades be, or toss some loot onto these guys? And what other instances do you think need some cleaning up ... Does Ragefire Chasm need buffing? Is SFK too Horde-centric and does it need Alliance quests?

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