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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ remixed for iPhone, iPad, and PC [update]


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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ was all set to compete against Activision's DJ Hero, but major legal issues delayed the game significantly. Now, the game has resurfaced -- in a form that doesn't use the high-end turntable controller. Numark (managing partner in Scratch DJ Game LLC) announced versions of the game for iPhone, iPad, and PC, due "later this year" -- which constitutes another delay, from the game's previous "spring" date.

The previously announced console versions of the game are not mentioned at all in the announcement, save for an oblique reference in the description of the Scratch Deck controller: "Additionally, Numark has developed a new full-function dual-turntable controller that enables players to manipulate both turntables simultaneously, which will be available for use with the game on a variety of platforms." While the PC may be one of those platforms, it's a safe bet that the controller isn't designed for use with the iPhone or iPad.

It's hard to tell from the announcement whether the console game has been scrapped in favor of this "remixed" release. We're contacting Numark to attempt to clear up the question of Scratch's console release plans.

Update: Numark told Joystiq that the console versions are still in development. In addition, the PC version will use a special controller.

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