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Bring your iPhone for SCVNGR hunts around museums and universities


SCVNGR looks like an interesting idea for an iPhone app: It's sort of a virtual scavenger hunt, composed of a series of "challenges" at certain real-life places that are found via the GPS on your iPhone. When the iPhone first released with GPS, the idea of a real-life MMO was something I wanted to see, and while SCVNGR (on the App Store for free) seems targeted more towards exploration than actual gaming, it's definitely something that should get you to exploring your world a little differently.

Lots of organizations have already jumped in to make up some challenges, and this note, about how a few LA museums got their challenges, caught my eye. If you're looking for something fun to do with the family this holiday weekend and want a new iPhone-based twist on the usual museum tour, SCVNGR might be just the thing.

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