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Does this mean there will be vehicles in SWTOR?


Further insight into the wondrous world of Star Wars: The Old Republic whisked its way to us via a teaser trailer GameSpot posted about the Sith Warrior Class.

In this revealing tease, the Sith apprentice relives his training under his master and threatens the Jedi of the galaxy. Wicked lightsabers clash atop a bridge overlooking a glorious rocky canyon calling back to the epic duel between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Our ominous warrior effortlessly deflects blaster bolts from four enemies, sending the deadly plasma flashing back towards his adversaries. Then in a fit of Force rage the dark apprentice slams full-force into his Jedi opponent, tossing the gallant foe over the edge of the bridge many stories to his death. The armored tank of the Sith Warrior is not one to cross lightly.

As nail-biting as the trailer is, that is not all. Notice at 1:15 of this exciting video trailer, the Sith Warrior is driving a speeder bike. What does this mean? Are players going to have vehicles in SWTOR? We do not have the answer, but given the footage in this trailer, the answer looks positive. Continue after the break and judge for yourself.

[Update] The official site has added more to the Sith Warrior class page. Unfortunately, there is nothing about vehicles.

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