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Keep the tomatoes at home: Ballmer not coming to WWDC


Just as quickly as the rumors started, they're over: the official Microsoft Twitter account confirms that no, even though it would be hilarious, CEO Steve Ballmer will not be appearing at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. It's too bad -- having Ballmer around would have definitely been entertaining, and maybe it would have been an olive branch between the two companies. Apple is worth more than Microsoft now, after all -- if Steve Jobs called up Ballmer and asked him to appear on stage, you'd think he'd jump to do it. Maybe they could even team up against the evil Google.

The tweet also confirms (tongue firmly in cheek, we suppose) that Ballmer will not be appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Which is also too bad -- our guy already did it. What are you, Ballmer, too good to cut a rug on live TV?

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