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Redbox expands game rental program to Orlando

Justin McElroy

As a staff with a statistically high number of social phobias, we're big fans of automated rental kiosk company Redbox. Renting movies at 2 a.m. from outside the local Kroger is not only convenient, it's also strangely illicit, like the robotic equivalent of perusing the stolen watches in a street vendor's furtively opened trench coat. Replace "stolen watches" with "copies of Valentine's Day" and the metaphor totally works, we promise.

Sadly, if you'd like a similar way to anonymously rent games, you're out of luck ... unless you live in Reno, Nev., Wilmington, N.C. or -- now -- Orlando, Fla., where Redbox's video game rental program is being currently being tested. If you've got a spare $2 per night, why not hike to your local Winn-Dixie, 7-Eleven or Walgreen's and let us know what it's like living in the future?

[Via Yo! Jmo's Blog]

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