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Yahoo and Zynga announce yet another partnership

A joint press release from Yahoo and Farmville creator Zynga has announced that the two have entered into a ... wait just a darn minute. Didn't we already write this post? We swear, we wrote this very post just last week. Oh, that was when Zynga partnered with Facebook? Now it's hopping in bed with Yahoo? Man, this casual developer certainly gets around, doesn't it?

Anyway, according to the presser, Zynga's games will be distributed through Yahoo's network of online properties in the coming months, including "the Homepage, Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger and others." It also gives Zynga access to the Yahoo! Application Platform, which will allow them to develop games specifically for use on Yahoo's various web portals. We hope they take the relationship one step further, merging their names into one completely ridiculous moniker. Maybe Yahooga? Or, perhaps, Zyngoo?

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