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Mad Catz acquires headset manufacturer Tritton Technologies

Mad Catz is looking to dip its toes into the cool, soothing waters of the high-quality gaming headset market, as is evident by its recent acquisition of fellow peripheral manufacturer, Tritton Technologies. Mad Catz announced today that it had purchased 100 percent of Tritton's stock for $1 million, with an additional $9 million in bonuses available to the headset company based on sales success of its products over the next five years.

In addition to snatching up Tritton's product line, Mad Catz also entered into an employment agreement with Tritton CEO Christopher Von Huben, as well as a "limited number of other key Tritton employees." Maybe these new elements within the company will be able to convince its leaders to finally drop that eponymous "z" for a much more respectable "s."

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