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WoW Moviewatch: WoW AddOns: The Song!


Some people love their mods. And I mean, they really love their mods. (We can love our mods, we just can't love our mods.) But mods are a pretty key part of many players' World of Warcraft experience. People are always swapping and sharing information about UIs. It's almost become a subculture. Apparently, Nananea gets so many questions about Addons that it led to this video titled: WoW AddOns: The Song!

The vocal performance itself doesn't necessarily rock my world, but there's a lot to commend in this video. The graphics and visuals are all amazingly well coordinated, and the annotations, lyrics, and visuals do a great job informing the audience about each displayed AddOn. The autotune is a wonderful choice of audio technique, given that the whole subject matter is about using technology to customize experience. The lyrics were written well and flow together nicely. All in all, WoW AddOns: the Song! was a lot of fun, and a pretty nifty machinima.

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