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Cheap, tiny camera for RC planes captures video proof when you buy the farm

Tim Stevens

Radio controlled airplanes aren't quite as exciting as their full-sized counterparts, but they're pretty darned fun just the same. What would be even more fun? Rigging up an RC craft so that you could see as if you were flying inside the thing, and that you can now do for less than you'd spend on a high-end servo. $47 gets you this aptly titled "RC Plane Camera," a VGA quality cam that won't deliver quality high enough to film an RC version of Les Chavaliers Du Ciel, but should be enough to see what your little plane sees. You can rotate the lens in any direction you like (while on the ground) and, since it weighs only 20 grams, it should work just fine even on a kite. What could you do with such a thing? Watch the video after the break and we think you'll get some ideas.

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