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Erickson dishes dialog choices for Star Wars: The Old Republic


Bioware has touted the fourth missing pillar from MMOs since the the first video introduction of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Story. This concept of great character development and plot on top of an intense combat experience has been Bioware's staple since, well, forever. Player choice propels every Bioware story in a very dynamic way, so we have no doubt Bioware will deliver. In fact, earlier this week we reported that SWTOR will boast the equivalent of 50 novels worth of dialog -- an insane amount of possible storytelling, to say the least. Yesterday, Daniel Erickson gave us a bit more to chew on in the SWTOR official forum.

In the developer walk-through, we witnessed the dialog system in action. Not only will one player lead the conversation, but others in his group will be able to chime in as well, thus intensifying the story. How this system works has not been defined, yet players have high hopes for it.

What Erickson did touch on in his post is the idea of choice. He tells us that dialog choice will differ in each class. A Sith will naturally want to choose the darker choice in the dialog tree, whereas the smuggler will naturally want the funny or flirty choice. Those choices will usually be the top option, but, Erickson says, "Want to be a hardcase Smuggler? A wry action hero Bounty Hunter? A charming Inquisitor? Choices are much broader than just good and evil." Multiple options will be available for those players who want to explore different paths for their character.

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