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AT&T out of stock on iPhone 3G, offers unlimited iPad data plans to those who order by June 7

Mel Martin

It's a sure sign a new iPhone is coming. AT&T says it has no 3G models to sell, which may spell the end of the line for the previous-gen handset.

Also today, a company spokesman has told TUAW that it will honor the unlimited data plan on the iPad for people who order a 3G iPad by June 7 (even if it's not delivered by then), though officially AT&T has dropped the option for new customers. The unlimited option can only be maintained for accounts with auto-renew turned on, and if you drop your service for a month you can only sign back up for one of the new plans.

A lot of people who bought the iPad and were told they could get an unlimited monthly data service feel pretty abused about now. The words 'bait and switch' come to mind, as Macworld's Dan Frakes pointed out. It's particularly an issue for people who bought the iPad but have not initiated service as yet. After June 7, the unlimited option won't be something you can purchase. We've heard from at least one reader who was able to return his iPad 3G without a restocking fee when he cited the AT&T plan changes, but your mileage may vary.

Back to those 3G phones. AT&T is telling customers who want a 3G to get either a 16 or 32GB 3GS iPhone. When the expected new iPhone comes out later this month, it's likely the 3GS model will drop in price, probably to US$99.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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