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Japanese hardware sales, May 24 - May 30: Pre-Storm Calm edition

If you've been keeping tabs on the extra-savory rumors and speculation that's surfaced over the past month, you're probably well aware of the fact that E3 goes down in a little over a week. If you weren't aware of that fact, don't be too upset -- some people just aren't as perceptive as others. You probably also haven't noticed all of the hidden cameras we installed in your apartment when you were at Whole Foods last week. We're kidding, of course. (We love your new haircut, by the way.)

As such, we're going to take the next seven days to prepare physically, mentally, spiritually and gastronomically for the rigors of the approaching, week-long news deluge. Don't be alarmed if our posts lack their usual sheen and polish -- we probably just expended our copy-editing energies during one of our daily training exercises. It's difficult to focus on grammar and punctuation when you're running a tour de stade, you know?

- PSP: 25,054 2,592 (11.54%)
- PS3: 20,987 1,912 (10.02%)
- Wii: 20,476 2,011 (10.89%)
- DSi LL: 16,267 2,159 (15.30%)
- DSi: 10,324 968 (10.35%)
- Xbox 360: 3,546 1,110 (23.84%)
- DS Lite: 2,961 280 (10.44%)
- PS2: 1,463 288 (24.51%)
- PSP Go: 1,232 381 (44.77%)

[Source: Media Create]

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