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Jiminy Cricket voice actor mentions Kingdom Hearts: Recoded

The official website for professional voice actor Phil Snyder mentions a heretofore unannounced project with a somewhat familiar title: Kingdom Hearts: Recoded. Apparently, Snyder is following in the footsteps of the late Eddie Carroll, and providing the voice for the series' pocket-sized accomplice, Jiminy Cricket. The project's title seems to suggest that Square-Enix is working on a remake of the formerly Japan-only episodic mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Coded.

We may end up getting concrete details about this project soon -- Siliconera reports the July issue of Game Informer features an interview with Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura, who explains that one of the two upcoming installments in the Keyblade-wielding franchise will be announced at E3. He didn't explain which language the game will actually be recoded in, but our money's on HTML5, since oh my God we can't believe we're making this joke what have we become.

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