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Braking: Ubisoft's new Driver teased in video


Ubisoft has released a teaser video and a countdown site for its relaunch of the Driver series (the last title of which was released back in the heady days of aught-seven). We knew that there would be a new Driver to see at E3, and the site's countdown lines up with 5 p.m. PDT next Monday, June 14, which happens to be the exact same time that Ubisoft is holding its pre-expo press conference. What are the odds?

The trailer seems to hint at most of the mainstays of the series, including our old friend Tanner (who's been transplanted to California, apparently, and has become a 49ers fan), rip-roaring muscle cars and the old "garage stunts checklist" that players had to pull off back when the series started. The site also links to a Facebook page, where you can "discover the driver's identity" (wait, didn't they just show it in the video?) by clicking the "Like" button. So if Ubisoft's goal was to get Driver fans intrigued, it's probably working. We'll light the fires and kick the tires on the game in about a week.

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