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Verizon's FiOS DVR Manager for webOS is out, getting good reviews

Chris Ziegler

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You might recall that Verizon recently touted expanded device compatibility for its DVR Manager app, a boon for anyone looking to nab the latest episode of Income Property while hundreds of miles away from the homestead (we know, it happens all the time) -- but what Big Red didn't really highlight in its press release was that webOS was one of the platforms now being supported. As with the app's counterparts on other mobile operating systems, the Palm-flavored build lets customers "set parental controls, set bookmarks, browse and search TV programming, view the DVR status to see how much space is left for recording, browse and search VOD listings, and see their lists of scheduled and recorded programs" -- and so far, it's getting well over four stars on a five-star scale since going live in the App Catalog, a good sign for usability. We don't mean to get too hopelessly optimistic, but heck, who knows -- this might even be a good sign for Verizon's continued interest in Palm's (or make that HP's) platform in the long term.

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