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Motorola A955 Droid 2 teased, definitely different from the Xtreme

Chris Ziegler

Telling the blurry spy shots apart and keeping the codenames straight as we lead up to this Android duo from Motorola for Verizon next month has been next to impossible, but we think we're getting the hang of it here. What you're looking at above is apparently the A955 Droid 2, a phone whose keyboard we saw a little while back. That's opposed to the Xtreme -- which may or may not also be known as the Shadow -- that's been leaked a handful of times in the past couple weeks and clearly looks different than the A955 from the front. If anything, the Droid 2 looks like a streamlined, possibly chromed version of the original Droid, which would make a lot of sense seeing how it's being called... well, the Droid 2. Verizon, would you please step in here, make some announcements, and clear up all this confusion?

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