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Live-action Dead Nation trailer is B-movie material

The live-action trailer for Dead Nation for which Sony put out a casting call last month has finally surfaced, showing off some of the real-life human drama associated with a fictional Zombocalypse. Watch as the trailer explores the deep, interpersonal relationships between the game's cast of multifaceted, intriguing characters, such as "Trucker Guy" and "Cheerleader" and "Mustachioed Police Officer." Then watch as they all get eaten. What a twist!

It's also got a few gameplay clips, which do a good job of displaying the Smash TV-esque carnage you'll be able to reap. Sadly, we still haven't seen the title-appropriate level where you're tasked with mowing down wave after wave of Grateful Dead fans, but we've still got time for a few more trailers before Dead Nation drops later this year.

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