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Conspiracy theory: what happened to the EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4 post?


As we've heard from a handful of commenters (and some emails), a lot of you guys are wondering just what happened to a post we did yesterday comparing the EVO 4G to the iPhone 4. Well allow us to unearth the shocking truth behind the mystery.

We had a debate yesterday as to whether or not it was fair to compare a phone we did a thorough review on (the EVO 4G -- you can read all about how awesome we think it is right here) to a phone we only had a short time to play with (the new iPhone). I was in the latter group, but not around when that post was written or put up on the site. As a result, when I came back and saw it had been posted, I pulled. Not because the EVO 4G was winning in the poll. Not because it said nice things about the EVO 4G. I pulled it simply because I didn't think it was fair to make the comparison yet. In hindsight, we should have made that clear from the start, and I apologize.

So, the post will go back up... once we've had a chance to look at both phones completely. In the meantime, the poll is below, and we seriously have no preference on which phone wins. Do your worst guys.

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