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EA's 'Spare Parts' to be assembled on XBLA, PSN


EA's Bright Light is working on the next Harry Potter game, but the studio evidently has got something else in the pipeline as well: Spare Parts. It's a downloadable title for XBLA and PSN about robots working together to rebuild their spaceship, according to EA's E3 lineup announcement.

In this cooperative "online action adventure," robots Mar-T and Chip collect "upgradable action parts" to enhance their abilities, according to the official description, so they can survive long enough to find the necessary parts to repair their ship before Lord Krung and his Super Huge Mega Laser destroy them. Along the way, they hope to rescue other robots.

Spare Parts kind of sounds like a robotic Metroidvania crossed with Toe Jam & Earl, based on EA's description. We'll learn more during E3!

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