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Motorola Droid X stars in its clearest off-the-cuff preview yet (update: comparison shots!)

Ross Miller

Let's be honest, we've seen more Droid X / Xtreme / Shadow spy shots than we can keep track of at this point, but for the latest batch, Mr. Blurrycam must've forgot his trademark blur filter and delivered us the cleanest images yet -- for shame, we know. Here's what the current owners of the super-secret phone, Gadget University, are claiming: 4.3-inch screen (it seems to jump between 4.3 and 4.1, depending on whom you ask), 1GHz Snapdragon processor, HDMI out, HD video recording, Android 2.1 with a "new version of Motoblur" (Ninjablur, you say?), and hardware navigation buttons. The Verizon logo is again unmistakably clear, and according to the site's "inside information," the Droid X (as the Model number says) is coming next month, with training beginning at the end of this month.

[Thanks, Sean]

Update: And here it is alongside some of its contemporaries. Thanks, Jeremey!

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