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Gears of War art director makes an Unreal movie pitch

Epic Games' Jerry O'Flaherty, art director for the original Gears of War title and once-reported director of the upcoming Thundercats film reboot, recently put together a unique pitch for a film tentatively titled Samurai. Well, okay, the film itself doesn't look too terribly unique (it's like 300, but with more wakizashi), but the fact that almost all of its backgrounds and special effects were created using the Unreal Engine sets it apart from most modern cinematic projects.

O'Flaherty explains in the pitch's description that it was created "with the intent of sharing all of the environment assets ... between the movie and the game." Seeing as how the pitch was shot with zero budget in two days, this simple proof of concept (posted after the jump) could lead to an even greater influx of cost-efficient video game-to-short film adaptations. Hey, don't give us that look! Those can be pretty good on occasion.

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