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MMOs campaign for a Golden Joystick


After a busy month of shortlist voting, the 2010 People's Gaming Awards -- otherwise known as the Golden Joystick Awards -- has finalized the ballot and opened the polls to the gaming public. These awards are trumpeted as "by the players, for the players," with hundreds of titles whittled down into a shortlist of finalists.

While many single-player console and PC titles are represented across the 16 categories, several MMOs have waded into the fray looking for your vote (ironically, few of them can be played with a joystick). Star Wars: The Old Republic is nominated for the "One to Watch" award, Jagex and Codemasters have a shot at "UK Developer of the Year," and 2029 Online, Aion, Allods, Champions Online, Dragonica, Fallen Earth, Global Agenda, Star Trek Online and Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood are some of the MMOs vying for "Online Game of the Year." As for the "Ultimate Game of the Year" award, only one MMO made the cut: Aion.

You can cast your votes in the 28th Golden Joystick Awards from now through October 25, and watch the results on October 29. With over 1.2 million votes cast last year and current voting in the six digits, this year's Golden Joystick Awards look to be one of the most popular award ceremonies for 2010.

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