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Ubisoft launches digital game publishing business


Ubisoft is looking to grab a larger share of the online and phone-based game markets with a new initiative, helmed by former Microsoft manager Chris Early. "We have some catching up to do," Early told VentureBeat, admitting the company has largely ignored the growing online market. Its competitors, including Capcom and EA, have already committed to these emerging markets. "We can draw upon what we have learned. What we bring to the table is experience in making great gaming content and great game brands."

Early will be responsible for coordinating Ubisoft's growing efforts to make games for Facebook, iPhone and other digital platforms. Eventually, the publisher hopes to be able to launch games on these alternate platforms on the same day as high-profile console launches. The goal, Early said, is to have "about 10 percent of the online game market in the West." With Zynga seemingly harvesting money out of Farmville and its other Facebook properties, it's no surprise that Ubisoft would want a piece (no matter how small) of that lucrative pie.

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