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HTC EVO 4G safely overclocked past 1.2GHz, battery begs for mercy

Chris Ziegler

With root obtained for the EVO 4G, it was just a matter of time before the overclocking hilarity ensued -- and as it turns out, that Snapdragon core was ready and waiting to fulfill your wildest desires. The root-only SetCPU app is in full effect on the EVO, churning out speeds of well over 1.2GHz -- apparently with no effect on stability, though it'll require a bump in voltage. The change results in a linpack improvement of over 25 percent, over 8.8 MFLOPS all told, which means your processor is finally worthy of the speedy 4G radio. Now let's get cracking on that 3,000mAh battery, alright? Follow the break for video.

[Thanks, Mike]

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