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Sony E3 2010 keynote, live from the Shrine Auditorium


We're outside the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, waiting for Sony's E3 2010 press conference to begin. With multiple sequels, like Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Infamous 2 already announced and revealed, what will Sony have to show today? Will there be any surprises? Come back at 3:00PM EST for the big updates, but feel free to join us for some pre-show chatter after the break.

1:55PM OK, we're done. Thanks so much for hanging out everybody!

1:54PM A new gameplay mode involves each team trying to destroy a giant statue owned by the other team. To do so, you have to capture a team leader, sacrifice them and you'll earn a missile launcher. Doesn't make a whole lotta sens at the moment, but it's playable at the Sony booth. So hopefully it'll make more sense soon.

1:47PM Twisted Metal, sans subtitle, will be coming in 2011 and bringing along helicopters.

1:45PM Twisted Metal! And ... could it be? David Jaffe's on stage.

1:44PM And now, one final reveal ...

1:44PM Cole apparently will control ice as well in the sequel. The trailer hints at a 2011 release date, but nothing set in stone (or, um, ice) unfortunately.

1:42PM And inFamous 2 is up next, but we're still reeling from an actual release date for GT5.

1:41PM We are! November 2!

1:38PM Oops, spoke too soon. Here's a Gran Turismo 5 trailer. Could we be close to getting a real date?

1:37PM Highlight reel time. Looks like we're in the home stretch.

1:34PM A little bit of Final Fantasy XIV was shown, but there wasn't much gameplay to speak of.

1:33PM Mafia II will have some exclusive PS3 content. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will have an exclusive single-player level AND an exclusive multiplayer beta.

1:31PM "I think we can put our differences behind us for science, you monster."

1:29PM Steam Cloud support figures into it in some way that's not quite clear yet. Now a Portal 2 trailer, which looks totally amazing.

1:28PM Portal 2 is coming to the PS3, and he says it'll be the best console version.

1:27PM Oh shit, it's Gabe Newell, introduced by GLaDOS. Thanks Sony for not punching him in the face for what he's said about the PS3 recently.

1:25PM Wow, Dead Space 2 Limited Edition pack, exclusive to PS3, comes with a Move-enabled version of Dead Space Extraction. More Dead Space Girl? We can hope.

1:23PM Dead Space 2 is being shown off now, the 2nd half of the trailer that started yesterday during EA's event. It looks SO VISCERAL.

1:22PM If you buy MoH on the PS3, you're going to be getting and HD remake of Medal of Honor: Frontline. Nice!

1:20PM The game looks fine too. But LOOK at that thing.

1:20PM Producer Greg Goodrich is showing off Medal of Honor. It looks great. Also, we're talking about his beard.

1:16PM Medal of Honor is going to be sporting some exclusive PS3 content.

1:15PM Every current PSN feature remains free, but they'll be adding a lot of exclusive content. First up will be two PSN Minis and an Infamous 2 demo. Plus you'll have access to Qore.

1:13PM It's coming later this year, it's $50 for a year, $18 for three months. Your first three months, however, will be free.

1:12PM Apparently the new subscription service is called PlayStation Plus, not PSN+.

1:08PM LittleBigPlanet 2 will include grappling hooks. FINALLY. He's also showing off a multiplayer button mashing game of some sort.

1:05PM Here's Alex Evans to talk some LittleBigPlanet 2.

1:05PM Wanna check out Sony's E3 booth? The whole thing's been replicated in Home. You remember Home, right?

1:03PM As if that weren't exciting enough, there's going to be a 2nd season of The Tester! ... Huzzah?

1:00PM Tretton back on stage, says that there will be 70 new PSP games released between now and December. Including Patapon 3!

12:59PM It's just a bit of CG with imposing narration, not a lot to go on.

12:58PM Now God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

12:58PM There's a new PSP pitchman named Marcus, he's Kevin Butler's apprentice and about 12-years-old. He's at

12:55PM Oh snap, new Time Crisis!

12:53PM There's a $100 bundle that includes Move, the PlayStation Eye and Sports Champions. Plus you can get Move with a PS3 in a $399 bundle.

12:48PM Move is $50, the Navigation controller is $30.

12:46PM This is inspiring, even for a fake dude.

12:45PM He's ragging on the Microsoft Cirque event while expounding on his love for gaming. "Gaming is about having a giant TV in a one-room apartment. It's about collecting trophies that aren't even real."

12:42PM Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: Our boy Kevin Butler is on stage, talking about a new Coca-Cola PS3/Move giveaway.

12:41PM It's Jak, Daxter, Sly Cooper, Ratchet, Clank and others all in one Move-based game.

12:40PM Now, a new title, Heroes on the Move.

12:39PM But he still manages to make his par, not bad! Move will be patched into Tiger Woods 11 this fall.

12:38PM The Tiger Woods 11 demoer misses his first three shots. Yikes.

12:34PM Time for EA Sports to show its stuff.

12:32PM Magic can also be used to affect the environment, the hero creates a bridge with his wand. Sounds like it's coming in spring of 2011.

12:30PM The audience is applauding, they must really love magic.

12:30PM Different spells are replicated by different motions, it's very Harry Potter. Now our hero is using potions to turn into a rat.

12:29PM Now Sony's showing off a new 3D action game developed for Move called Sorcery. It's got a cartoon look and ... yeah, a bit of a problem with responsiveness. Looks like the Move controller will stand in for a magic wand.

12:23PM Sorry about the lack of images guys, we're having some net troubles. Have some for you soon.

12:22PM Oh, looks like it's time for PlayStationMove with Peter Dille.

12:22PM Sony's apparently expecting another big year for PS2, with 7.2 million of the systems sold last year. Seriously, what are you people doing?

12:20PM By the by, if you've never seen a Mortal Kombat fatality in 3D, it's really, really gross.

12:18PM Oh, and Gran Turismo 5, MLB 2K11 and EyePet. Is that enough yet?

12:16PM Also in 3D: The new Motorstorm, Ghost REcon, Tron, NBA 2K11 and a newly HDed Sly Cooper Collection.

12:13PM You'll get to check it out for yourself in February of next year, we've just learned. It'll use Move right out of the box.

12:12PM In un-3D related news, the jet pack looks like a lot of fun.

12:10PM The 3D doesn't look as sharp as we'd hope, more jaggies and less detail. The effect is very pronounced though.

12:08PM We're putting on 3D glasses. We still feel pretty silly about these, even though it's like the 100th time we've had to do it this week.

12:07PM First up, Killzone 3, specifically, the 4th stage.

12:06PM We barely get time to mourn the death of the 2nd dimension before we learn that there will be 20 games in 3D by the end of the year.

12:05PM Kaz is first up, he says that the PS3 will do for 3D what it did for Blu-ray. ... Kill the competition? Does that mean no more 2D?

12:03PM Jack Tretton's on stage he makes a joke about how we won't need ponchos, but says Kevin Butler won't be hosting. A MIXED START.

11:38AM We're getting ready to go inside. Stay tuned!

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