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Microsoft Small Basic gets a stable release, aims to inspire a new generation of programmers


Those of a certain age may fondly remember learning QBASIC in school (or at least playing Nibbles in it), and it looks like Microsoft is now doing its best to bring a beginner-level programing language to a whole new generation. That comes in the form of Microsoft Small Basic, which has actually be floating around in pre-release versions since 2008 but has just recently seen its first stable release. True to its name, the programming language takes its inspiration from the original BASIC language, and wraps everything in a simplified interface that offers beginners a bit of guidance, and will even let you export your program to the website so anyone can try it out in their browser (with Silverlight, of course). Of course, just because it's for beginners doesn't necessarily mean it's just for kids -- you can find all you need to get started by hitting up the links below.

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