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PotBS devs detail ship tuning, new expansion

Jef Reahard

Flying Lab Software, developers of the historical naval combat MMORPG known as Pirates of the Burning Sea, have released a new devblog detailing the ship-tuning options soon to be available in August's Power and Prestige expansion. The blog zeroes in on ship archetypes, including discussion about the considerable changes in store for scouts, warships, and merchants.

Flying Lab are serious about leveling the playing field and bringing balance to the game's ship combat, but they're also taking into account historical and authenticity concerns. "Before everyone mentions warships going 35 knots, please remember this key fact: we've added stacking penalties on ship outfitting. We've tuned ships (and skills) with this in mind, as we expect ships to be outfitted more reasonably, and less to one extreme or another," the devblog states.

The piece goes on to talk a bit about the desire for "vanilla" ships on the open sea as opposed to the relatively common high-end ships that most veterans possess. You can view the full article on the game's official website.

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