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PSA: iPhone 4's FaceTime won't use your voice minutes

Chris Ziegler

We can't even imagine the uproar that AT&T and Apple would be dealing with if FaceTime calls -- which travel over WiFi alone -- siphoned minutes out of your cell plan's voice bucket, but fortunately, that's a doomsday scenario we'll never need to worry about because it's now been confirmed that they're totally minute-free. What's more, when you start by initiating a voice call, it ends as soon as you switch from voice to FaceTime -- so you won't be charged for the portion of the call that's conducted over FaceTime in that case, either. Of course, as long as FaceTime is an iPhone 4 exclusive, it's going to be pretty limited in scope -- but once other vendors start getting in on the open standard (if "standard" is an appropriate term here) it'll get a lot juicier, we suspect.

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