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Xbox 360 'Valhalla' model torn down, new hardware exposed

Viewers of Microsoft's E3 media briefing reacted to the reveal of the new, slimmed-down Xbox 360 in peculiar ways. For instance, tech writer Anand Lal Shimpi apparently reacted with excitement -- not because he couldn't wait to add the new model to his collection, but because he couldn't wait to completely dismember it.

You can check out the pictorial fruits of Anand's labor over on his site, and glimpse some of the technology that powers Valhalla. The highlight of this teardown? We finally get to see the single chip (teased by the motherboard we had Ben Heck look at earlier this year) that houses the 360's CPU, GPU, and eDRAM, which can all be cooled by a single, more powerful fan. When you turn on your new 360 and it doesn't sound like a pair of jet engines, you've got this little guy to thank.

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