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Fett's threads: The progression of SWTOR's bounty hunter armor


Star Wars: The Old Republic did not exactly keep a low profile at E3 this year. Between another slam-bang cinematic trailer and the revelation of player ships and war zones, the razzle dazzle of news kept us all hopping. However, BioWare did drop a few smaller bits of TOR goodness for us to snatch up, including a nifty video showing armor progression for the bounty hunter.

As with most MMOs, the look, bulk and "cool" factor of armor increases as one levels up and gets his or her hands on the latest and greatest gear. In this video, a bounty hunter is taken through the paces fighting enemies as he goes through five iterations of armor, each more threatening than the last. A sharp-eyed viewer can even spot a couple unfortunate souls frozen in carbonite in the background.

Check out the video after the jump!

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