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MAG releases Interdiction expansion

Jef Reahard

Zipper Interactive's PS3-exclusive MAG MMOFPS has released a couple of small content updates since its debut last January. This month however, the action title kicks off its first proper expansion pack, titled Interdiction, and is available to download from the Playstation Store for $9.99. The pack adds a new game type, unsurprisingly called Interdiction, three new maps (Iron Cree Quarry, Sovot Motorway, and Lake Bayano Spur), as well as a bevy of smaller gameplay additions.

These include new ribbons, medals, and trophies which can be earned both in the new Interdiction mode as well as over the course of your MAG career.

"MAG Interdiction is a brand new game mode built for 128 players. In it, two rival attacking factions fight to gain control of three different command posts while using armored convoys for every squad on the map (that's right, 16 APCs onscreen at once)," writes Zipper Senior Community Manager Jeremy Dunham on the official Playstation blog.

MAG is also featuring a double XP weekend beginning Friday, June 25th, for players with or without the new expansion.

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