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Samsung plans to double its smartphone share by end of year, jump ahead of HTC and Motorola


More than 10% of worldwide smartphone market share: that's where Samsung plans to be, on triple its current handset volume, by the end of 2010 according to Lee Donjoo, senior VP of the company's Mobile Communications division. Mind you, such a jump would be staggering in terms of growth with Samsung owning less than 5% of global smartphone market share currently. A move to 10% would place them at number 4 globally according to IDC's numbers, behind Nokia, RIM, and Apple. The Android-lovin' Galaxy S / AT&T Captivate is good, but is it that good? We'll see. Regardless, the term "smartphone" can be defined many ways, and we suspect that Samsung's new Bada OS being pushed into devices previously classified as featurephones could help pad Samsung's numbers.

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