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WoW Moviewatch: How to determine a PUG's personality


Work warning: Language might be an issue, if you're playing this during the work day.

RomireVids has released their new video How to determine a Pug's personality. There's a few notes about the community in this video, so try and follow me here for a second. Romire especially thanks Propostris and Wowcrendor for inspiring this video, and the short film definitely includes cut-outs from the Icecrown Raiding. On the video's YouTube page, RomireVids also thanks a small legion of WoW machinima personalities, including EmberIsolte and Gigi. There's too many to list here, though, so please check out the YouTube page. With such a long list of attributions, it's almost impossible for me to tell who did what. It's kind of an interesting situation.

Nonetheless, How to determine a PUG's personality seems very clearly inspired by Wowcrendor's style. It's got that same kind of dry-toned humor, and displays the same kind of love for WoW. The creator obviously enjoys the game, but is somewhat nonplussed by the people he comes across. It's a pretty universal experience, and a lot of your enjoyment of this video will probably stem from whether you share the creator's opinions.

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