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Fujifilm's durable, dunkable FinePix XP10 compact camera gets a review

Tim Stevens

It's always hard to justify spending extra for a waterproof camera that will do you good at the beach but deliver mediocre image quality everywhere else. Photography Blog has taken a look at Fujifilm's new 12 megapixel FinePix XP10 waterproof shooter and, while it predictably falls short of DSLR-level quality (or even high-end compacts), it overall scores a very positive review thanks to its 5x zoom lens, 720p video recording, solid construction, and a "pleasingly compact" design that we think looks very funky (in a good way). The camera's cause is also helped dramatically by an MSRP of £169.99, or $199.95, and we're finding this thing available online for way less than that. For that kind of money this thing wouldn't make a bad side-kick for your go-to camera, a sort of stunty stand-in for when the going gets tough... or perhaps just damp.

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