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APB in-game voice chat will be ad-supported

"Calling all Cars! Calling all Cars! Robbery in progress at the Old National Bank on 3rd and Vine. Three suspects, armed and extremely dangerous. Hostages taken. Please respond. Also, why not stop by Burger King for an order of juicy, fall-off-the-bone short ribs, available for a limited time this Summer. Ribs are filling and and extremely delicious, and go great with an order of Burger King's beloved fresh french fries. Repeat, delicious with fresh french fries."

An APB beta participant recently noticed a "VOIP Premium" option in his account management page, which promises to keep ads off of the in-game chat program in exchange for real-life monies. Developer Realtime Worlds was quick to clarify the terms of these ads -- they'll only play when traveling between Districts, and only if the player hasn't heard an advertisement in the last three hours. Sadly, surreal broadcasts like the one presented in the above paragraph will never come to fruition.

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