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Georgeson: EQII won't be going free-to-play

Jef Reahard

With all the chatter regarding Turbine's recent decision to convert Lord of the Rings Online to a free-to-play business model, many gamers have no doubt wondered whether their favorite subscription-based MMORPGs may be following suit.

Sony Online Entertainment's Dave Georgeson, senior producer on Everquest II, is here to tell you about one game that won't be making the switch. Georgeson, who goes by the handle of SmokeJumper on the official EQII boards, had this to say in a post about possible changes to the long-running fantasy title's traditional subscription plan.

"We will not be changing your subscription model," Georgeson writes. "We've heard you folks loud and clear that you do not want items with stats introduced, you don't want players buying their way to power, etc. Your world will stay the way it has been and we will continue to support it with new content, items, etc."

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