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APB launch day roundup

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

It's been nearly three years since we first heard about All Points Bulletin. In MMO-developement-years, that's not long at all, but there's no arguing that this day has been a long time coming.

Launch day is here, and the Massively staff has been following the game through its various development stages -- as anxious to get our hands on the finished product as you are. Want a quick trip down memory lane? Follow along after the jump for some of the highlights of our coverage of APB.

To Live and Die in San Paro: APB first impressions
We've been spending a bit of time in the beta, as well as the recent Key to the City event, and we're here to bring you the skinny on what it's like to live (and die) on the streets of San Paro.
APB payment model, launch date, and pre-order revealed
Realtime Worlds' forthcoming urban crime MMORPG All Points Bulletin has finally been dated. The title will launch in North America on June 29 and on July 2 in Europe. In addition to the street date, Realtime Worlds has unveiled the payment model, which looks to parcel out sections of game play via micro payments.
PAX East 2010: Hands-on with APB
Despite the low saturation of MMO studios at PAX East last weekend, Realtime Worlds was in full force at their booth with EA to show off the upcoming GTA-style MMO, All Points Bulletin. There were eight stations set up on each side of a large stage, each showing the game as it was live on the North American beta servers. One side showed off the Enforcers and the other, Criminals. I had a demo appointment with community manager Chris Collins for the following day, but I had to jump in early and get my hands on Massively's most anticipated game of 2010.
All Points Bulletin beta kicks off
It's been a while since beta sign-ups opened late last year, but All Points Bulletin is finally moving into closed beta, it would seem. Several people are receiving emails welcoming them into Realtime Worlds' persistent online world that's a cross between GTA and the ultimate set of customization tools for characters, cars and music seen, well, probably ever.
Massively interviews All Points Bulletin's Chris Collins and EJ Moreland
If you're anywhere as excited as us for All Points Bulletin you'll be happy to know we had the chance to ask Lead Designer EJ Moreland and Community Manager Chris Collins a bevy of questions, which they answered with supreme openness. We've got the scoop on all sorts of topics, from Realtime Worlds' stance on community interaction, whether or not the game will have official forums, content updates post-launch and plenty more. We hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as we did conducting it!
PAX 2009: Massively's first look at gameplay in All Points Bulletin
What I ended up seeing was a game that by all accounts looks very ready for launch, so I wasn't surprised to be told beta was "a few weeks" away and not months. And while that date is still a little ways off, most other attendees who saw the video seemed to agree that launch day couldn't come soon enough.
No subscription for All Points Bulletin
This particular chunk of info came from the game's official FAQ, which was recently updated. Well, it sounds like a reasonable price.
E3 2009: EA and Realtime Worlds partner on All Points Bulletin
We knew that Realtime Worlds, the company behind the urban crime MMO All Points Bulletin would have something to announce and show at E3 2009, we just weren't sure of what to expect. That announcement came today at the Electronic Arts press conference. Imagine our surprise when Realtime Worlds creative director Dave Jones (who you may know as the creator of GTA and Crackdown) appeared on stage to announce that EA will be publishing All Points Bulletin.

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