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EQII's Xelgad reads forums, talks class balance

Jef Reahard

If you've wondered whether the developers on your favorite game ever read their own forums, you're not alone. Often it seems as if MMORPG tweaks happen in a vacuum, with little to no player input taken into consideration. Happily, EQ2Wire has released an interview with EverQuest II class lead Mike "Xelgad" Ganz that debunks this particular theory (at least for one game). Ganz uses the interview session to talk about his typical day, changes to the Fury, Warden, and Enchanter classes, and the importance of forum feedback.

"I read and consider all feedback that gets posted on the forums. The forums are a good place for players to express their feelings about their classes and I can evaluate changes based on that feedback along with the data we collect from other sources," Ganz says.

Head over to EQ2Wire for the full interview.

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