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HDBaseT 1.0 finalized; LG, Samsung & Sony ally behind one do-everything cable


Valens Semiconductor has been pushing the benefits of an Ethernet-based cable standard that easily carries HD video, audio, power, data and control (5Play) signals all at once for a while, and with the HDBaseT Alliance officially incorporated, it's found powerful friends in LG, Samsung and Sony to fill out the Board of Directors. The HDBaseT 1.0 spec has also been finalized, so we can expect to see the first DVRs, Blu-ray players, or anything else that can be plugged in with compatible hardware to ship with the technology in the second half of this year. Check the press release after the break for more details, we'll be in the back putting ends on a few new cables.

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HDBaseT Alliance Announces Incorporation, Finalized Specification

HDBaseT™ technology enhances whole-home distribution of uncompressed HD multimedia content, converging full uncompressed HD video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power over cable and various control signals through a single 100m/328ft CAT5e/6 LAN cable

BEAVERTON, ORE. – June 29, 2010 – HDBaseT Alliance, the cross-industry alliance formed to promote and standardize the HDBaseT™ technology for whole-home distribution of uncompressed high definition (HD) multimedia content, announced today its formal incorporation. The Alliance is founded by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Valens Semiconductor, all of which comprise the HDBaseT Alliance's Board of Directors.

The Alliance also announced the finalization of the HDBaseT 1.0 base specification. The development of this cohesive specification is set to transform the digital media ecosystem, allowing consumers to enjoy premium content through unparalleled, uninterrupted HD distribution ‒ without the tangle of cables currently required.

"HDBaseT Alliance's creation of a unified specification based on HDBaseT technology will raise the bar as the most technologically advanced, unmatched solution for optimum digital media distribution," said Ariel Sobelman, president and chairman of the HDBaseT Alliance. "HDBaseT technology is poised to become the unrivaled next-generation home networking transport to meet the ever-changing trends in the digital media market."

The cornerstone of HDBaseT technology is 5Play™, an unrivaled feature-set that converges full uncompressed HD video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, high power over cable and various control signals through a single 100m/328ft CAT5e/6 LAN cable. HDBaseT has the bandwidth to support the highest video resolutions such as full HD 1080p as well as 3D and 2Kx4K formats. HDBaseT is the first to provide all-in-one connectivity, making it possible for a single-connector TV to receive power, video/audio, Internet and control signals from the same cable.

HDBaseT enables a network of sources - such as digital video recorders (DVR), Blu-ray disc players, game consoles, PCs and mobile devices - to be connected directly to displays in multiple locations. For instance, a DVR can be connected to several TVs throughout the home, allowing users an independent yet fully compatible experience. HDBaseT LAN based technology makes it possible to cut out the assortment of cables for audio, video, connecting CE devices and even the power source. This form of networking, whether it is done by daisy chaining devices or through star topology, can be applied in both the consumer home and in B2B cases such as digital signage networking.

The demand for in-home converged distribution of HD multimedia content and the lack of adequate existing technologies are driving the industry toward an HD digital connectivity standard such as HDBaseT. Through development of the HDBaseT 1.0 digital connectivity specification, the HDBaseT Alliance addresses consumer needs and high market demand. HDBaseT increases the transfer distance of uncompressed HD multimedia content, expanding distribution, simplifying installation and ultimately lowering overall system cost.

"Today, there is an abundance of content in the home, including video, images and data. As HDTVs and HDTV service proliferate throughout the world, the amount of content, and the ability to move it around the home, becomes much more complicated," stated Brian O'Rourke, principal analyst, In-Stat. "The next frontier in networking is the ability to control and distribute this content. HDBaseT technology is well-positioned to offer a simple solution throughout the home to meet consumers' needs."

The finalization of the HDBaseT specification paves the way for HDBaseT embedded products to hit the market. The HDBaseT Alliance anticipates products with embedded HDBaseT technology to be available in the second half of 2010, with the majority of adoption taking place in 2011. The specification will also be available for licensing within the second half of 2010.

Development and preparation for an HDBaseT Alliance Compliance Program is currently underway. The Alliance plans to formulate a logo usage and licensing program to ensure consistency and consumers' ability to recognize interoperable HDBaseT devices in the market.

For more information about HDBaseT Alliance and membership, please visit the HDBaseT Alliance website at

About HDBaseT Alliance

The HDBaseT Alliance is comprised of leading cross-industry companies formed to promote and standardize the HDBaseT™ technology for whole-home distribution of uncompressed HD multimedia content. The cornerstone of HDBaseT technology is 5Play™, a feature set that converges uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power over cable and various control signals through a single LAN cable.

Members supporting HDBaseT technology will play a pivotal role in defining the future of multimedia transmission and data communication in the consumer electronics and content provider industries. For additional information on HDBaseT Alliance and membership benefits, please visit


HDBaseT™ is a trademark of HDBaseT Alliance.

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