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PowerEZ Plus provides power boost, kickstand for iPhone 4


If you're a power user like our very own Erica Sadun, you may have already run into that situation where your iPhone 4 burns through a full charge and leaves you high and dry. Sure, you can use any number of external battery packs that use a Dock Connector dongle, but maybe you want a pack that isn't a unitasker.
KONNET Technology updated the PowerEZ Plus today, which not only provides extra power to just about any iPhone or iPod touch device -- including the iPhone 4 -- but also includes a retractable kickstand for watching movies in landscape mode, much like the stand on the back of the new Droid X.
The 1000mAh PowerEZ Plus retails for US$29.99 and won't take up a lot of space in your pocket or bag. It's just .5" thick, and plugs into the bottom of your device. When you want to do some hands-off video viewing, just pop out the stand. There are four LEDs to tell you the charging level of the pack, and a recharge can be done by connecting the included USB charge/sync cable to the computer of your choice.
The PowerEZ Plus also has Smart Charging technology built-in to ensure that charging stops when your device's battery is topped off. Starting this Friday, KONNET is giving away a couple of PowerEZ Plus packs on their Facebook page at We're going to try to getting a few of the packs for giveaways as well.

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