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Square Enix's Lord of Arcana be-heading to the PSP


We were just thinking to ourselves this morning, "You know what Square Enix should do? Make a multiplayer action game for PSP. And boy, I could really use a large Berry Blast from Jamba Juice!" And wouldn't you know it, the publisher announced plans to bring Lord of Arcana, a "multiplayer action game," to Sony's handheld at some point in the future. A release date "will be announced at a later time," though the EU PlayStation blog says the game will be "coming soon". The announcement details Lord of Arcana as allowing play with "up to three friends" and including creation tools for crafting your own playable character.

Between LoA's official website (can we call you LoA, LoA?) and the handful of screens released thus far, it appears that, regardless of the game's "multiplayer action" description, there'll be plenty of numbers and bars and giant swords to satiate Square Enix fans. Unfortunately, the press release contains no mention of that Berry Blast smoothie. For shame.

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