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Bioware: TOR not coming to consoles

Jef Reahard

Itching to play BioWare's upcoming Star Wars opus on a console? You'd better buy some cream for that, as it likely won't be happening anytime soon. Daniel Erickson, lead designer and story writer on The Old Republic, recently told CVG that no one at the famed RPG-maker is working on a console port.

"There was not a question when we started Old Republic - or any of our games, for that matter - [what the lead format would be]. There's a reason the lead SKU for Dragon Age was PC as well. When we're developing an RPG, it's a natural place to be," Erickson said.

Unlike many developers who hint at console versions and rarely deliver
, Erickson says BioWare hasn't even discussed the option. "There is nobody anywhere in BioWare laying the groundwork for that because we have a very large complicated game to ship first," he said.

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