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NPD on the Red Dead, Alan Wake, and Split/Second retail showdown


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Take-Two Interactive CEO Ben Feder recently mentioned that Red Dead Redemption "sucked the oxygen out of the room" at retail upon its release -- wow, he wasn't kidding. Data provided to Joystiq by the NPD group shows that high-profile releases Alan Wake and Split/Second sold 145K and 86K units in the US during May, respectively. In comparison, Red Dead Redemption sold 1.51 million copies. All three games launched on the same day in the States.

NPD analyst Anita Frazier explains, "What I found interesting about Red Dead is that it is the second game in the franchise. First game got middling review scores and sold good but not great -- 920K life-to-date. I applaud it when a publisher can take a franchise with solid results and improve on it significantly next time out the gate."

Perhaps when (if?) Alan Wake and Split/Second receive sequels, they'll have better sales luck (and no oxygen-sucking beasts around).

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