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Team Fortress 2 comic, code hint at Engineer update


If you think Team Fortress 2 is just a quality, team-based shooter, you'd be wrong. It's a quality, team-based shooter with a ton of lore building up behind it, and every update seems to bring a little more backstory and a little more meaning into the picture. Take, for example, this recently-released Engineer comic, which hints at two major updates to the Engineer class coming soon to the game. First, a metal called Australium, which has some special properties and a golden hue, and second, a life-extender machine which, you might guess, extends life.

And sure enough, players have found code in the game's most recent update that shows a "golden wrench" is indeed coming to the Engineer. This video shows that the golden/Australium wrench will freeze opponents in their path, turning them into gold on the spot, and this teaser video shows some other possible goodies due for the update as well. Leave it to Valve to turn a simple class deathmatch into a wild scavenger hunt for secret items and histories.

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