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Mamiya churns out 33 megapixel RZ33 digital camera: yours for $18k

Darren Murph

It's sort of affordable by Mamiya standards, but the $17,990 asking price affixed to the outfit's new RZ33 large-sensor digital camera kit is still apt to detract all but the most professional of professionals. Boasting a 33 megapixel CCD sensor, CompactFlash support and a promise to produce mind-blowing images, this beast-of-a-digicam is said to offer "cable-free digital operation [that's] just as smooth and trouble-free as shooting with film." As you'd expect, it's fully compatible with all RZ system lenses, viewfinders and (most) accessories, and you'll also find rack and pinion bellows focusing, inbuilt vertical-horizontal rotation and an optional interchangeable power winder. Hit the source link for the nitty-gritty, but only if you've got the cheddar to cover the biggest impulse buy of your life.

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