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RUSE to support Move, not planning to support Kinect


Ubisoft's oft-delayed strategy game, RUSE, will be getting support for PlayStation Move when it launches (presumably) later this year. Sony's motion controller can be utilized as a virtual pointer, with gestures assigned to camera controls and quick menu access. Senior producer Mathieu Girard told Eurogamer that the Move offers "the most enjoyable" way of playing, but conceded that the PC version is "the most efficient."

Although Microsoft's Kinect can also provide a similar virtual pointer experience, Ubisoft will not be incorporating motion support into the Xbox 360 version of the game. According to the Eurogamer report, "having to play standing up" while using Kinect proved to be a "stumbling point." While Microsoft still stands by claims that Kinect can be used while sitting down, we can think of at least one reason why Kinect support isn't ideal for the RTS: a lack of buttons, perhaps?

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