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Cataclysm starting zone preview footage

Alex Ziebart

The crew has been hard at work on full walkthroughs of the worgen and goblin starting experiences in the Cataclysm beta, and in the process we've built up a few videos that we simply don't want to sit on any longer. You'll see these videos in our guides as planned, so consider this a sneak preview. Obviously almost every single one of these videos is heavy with Cataclysm spoilers. Don't want to be spoiled? Don't watch.

Embedded above is the quest The Great Bank Heist. You can head over to our YouTube channel (or click the links below) to see:

Worgen Starting Zone
Goblin Starting Zone We've already said it a few times since the beta started, but we do strongly recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel. While most of the videos that are uploaded there will find their way here eventually, subscribing is a good way to get a sneak peek at upcoming features ... and catch the few videos that don't make it to our front page.

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